Estate & Wealth Transfer

We provide business succession and estate planning solutions, enabling the transfer of wealth to the next generation. These services include:

  • Wealth protection, transfer analysis, and planning related to the management of all types of assets and income sources.
  • Customized services for estate settlement and administration.
  • Professional guidance on family governance.
  • Professional guidance regarding wealth transfer to succeeding generations.

Philanthropic Management

We recognize the need to play a role in managing our clients’ philanthropic efforts. This might include the establishment and management of a foundation, and advice on donating to charitable causes. These services would typically involve:

  • Philanthropic planning.
  • Assistance with the establishment and administration of charitable institutions.
  • Guidance in planning a donation strategy.
  • Advice on the technical and operational management of charities.
  • Formation of grant-making foundations and trusts.
  • Organizing charitable activities and related due diligence.

Image Management & PR

These services include:

  • Public relations referral and management of public relations firms.
  • Review of social media policy and the development of a reputation management strategy.
  • Media engagement.