Corporate Advisory

We offer corporate advisory services to family businesses. Family wealth is often created when the business expands. The difference between a small business and a fast growing company is often capital backing and adequate capital funding. The main challenge faced is having a suitable capital source to finance growth of the family business. 

We provide corporate advisory services on financing and business promotion, which include:

  • Business evaluation
  • Advice on growth capital and pre-IPO financing
  • Advice on dealing with institutional investors
  • Advice on the risks and rewards of various growth capital investors
  • Introduction to suitable lending institutions and private investors 

Reporting & Record Keeping

The maintenance of records is another core element of our services. Key to these services are:

  • Consolidating and reporting all family assets
  • Consolidating performance reporting
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Annual performance reporting
  • Maintaining an online reporting system
  • Tax preparation and reporting

Life Management & Budgeting

Some of these services are typically defined as concierge in nature, but they are broader in scope, in as much as they also include budgeting services. Services under this heading include:

  • Budget services, including wealth reviews, analysis of short- and medium-term liquidity requirements, and long-term objectives.
  • Management of holiday properties, private jets and yachts; club (golf, private, etc.) memberships