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Managed Trusts

While many professional organisations such as banks, accountancy firms, law practices and trust companies consider creating their own trust company in another jurisdiction, many conclude that the expense involved is prohibitive.


Asset Protection

The most common reasons for establishing asset protection structures are to protect assets from risks such as political risk in terms of expropriation, claims from a former spouse or related family member, or legal action that arises from a high risk occupation. Asset protection structures often comprise a trust but may comprise a foundation.


Estate/Succession Planning

We understand that having worked hard to accumulate their wealth, our clients want to protect it and ensure it is maintained and passed to future generations in the most efficient manner.


Family Office Support Services

Having worked with single and multi-family offices around the world, we understand that every client is different and can sometimes have complex family dynamics. We work closely with family office teams, as well as relevant advisers, to ensure we fully understand the client's requirements and implement the most suitable structure for them.



We have a significant number of clients whose philanthropic endeavours are a priority in their financial objectives. We also operate international charitable foundations for globally recognised charitable organisations. We work with our clients and their advisers to create a structure which can support the donor in achieving the vision for his/her philanthropic initiatives.


UK resident non-domiciled

We specialise in establishing and implementing structures for UK resident non-domiciled individuals for various purposes including acquiring and holding UK real estate, investment, hold assets outside the UK, and inheritance planning.


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W8 Advisory

W8 Advisory is a unique wealth management practice, established in the best stewardship tradition of a Family Office.

W8 Wealth

As wealth advisors to African entrepreneurs and families, our mission is to serve the growing, complex and unique needs of our clients.


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