We have a significant number of clients whose philanthropic endeavours are a priority in their financial objectives. We also operate international charitable foundations for globally recognised charitable organisations. We work with our clients and their advisers to create a structure which can support the donor in achieving the vision for his/her philanthropic initiatives.

Donors may use an existing trust or may want to establish their own charitable trust or foundation. However donors choose to give we can assist with the donation and investment strategy, including managing the fund and creating a tailored charitable giving plan. In this scenario, the donor may have considerable input through the expression of his wishes to the trustee or as the guardian to the council of the foundation, or trust protector.

Considerations include:

  • the time horizon of projects or endowments
  • whether to create a perpetual endowment or to pay away capital and interest over a specific period
  • whether to invest surplus funds or to generate an income with capital assets

The donor can stipulate any ethical boundaries on investment and remain involved in investment decisions. We ensure that our clients receive timely and relevant information so that they can evaluate the impact of their endowments and consider whether further funding of any given initiative is continued.