LPW Conf 24

We are very excited to Announce the first edition of 'Lagos Private Wealth Conference'. Hosted by W8 Advisory and HNW Advisor, this international conference aims to bring together the best minds in the industry who are committed to increasing service levels and support for HNIs, family businesses and entrepreneurs in Nigeria and the rest of the African continent, in wealth management & preservation strategies.. on 10th June 2024

Panel descriptions for the day:

Panel 1: Wealth Preservation Strategies

w8 advisory wealth preservation strategies conference image

We will kick off the conference with Panel 1 - "Wealth Preservation Strategies: Exploring effective methods to protect and preserve personal wealth in a dynamic economic landscape". This session will feature:


Panel 2: Global Investment Trends:

w8 Advisory Global Investment Trends

Preview of panel 2's sessions at the Lagos Private Wealth 2024 Conference:


Panel 3: Art and Collectibles as Investments:

w8 advisory collectable art investment

During the Lagos private wealth conference, we will also discuss alternative and passion assets.


Panel 4: Digital Transformation in Wealth Management:

Digital Transformation in Wealth Management with W8 Advisory

Preview of the panel 4 session at the Lagos Private Wealth 2024 Conference:


Panel 5: Tax Efficiency Strategies:

w8 Advisory Tax Efficiency Strategies

Preview of panel 5's sessions at the Lagos Private Wealth 2024 Conference:


Members of our group

W8 Advisory

W8 Advisory is a unique wealth management practice, established in the best stewardship tradition of a Family Office.

W8 Wealth

As wealth advisors to African entrepreneurs and families, our mission is to serve the growing, complex and unique needs of our clients.


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