The private wealth management solution provided by W8 Advisory is unique. There is a closeness developed through having a single touch point for all your financial affairs with a team who intimately understands your needs as a High Net Worth African. We are not affiliated with any bank, financial institution or asset manager. The advice we provide is strictly objective and without the conflict of a sales mandate or a financial interest in selling particular financial products or services. 

While we insist on keeping our clients involved in the critical decision-making around their private wealth management, we also play a critical role in execution by handling administrative tasks and supporting them in the implementation of a specific wealth management mandate.

Because our advisory model is based on the premise that clients should be engaged in their wealth enterprises, we do not insist on taking discretion over their assets. We help our clients to establish wealth management priorities and objectives, and then execute on their behalf. 

Our clients are involved in the details of managing their wealth as much or as little as they like – but they keep the authority to make the critical decisions. 

There is no need for you to leave your current financial service providers. Our mission is to enhance and optimize your private wealth management by helping you to build your wealth enterprise. We understand that, at your level of wealth, you need a multitude of financial services providers, and that you find value in those relationships. We work with your financial services providers to make sure the services they are providing are in your best interests, and are priced appropriately