There are many reasons why engaging a family office makes sense, but at the root of these is the desire to facilitate the inter-generational transfer of wealth and reduce intra-family disputes. This desire inevitably increases from one generation to the next, as the complexity of managing the family’s wealth grows.

The recent financial crisis has exposed the need to provide clients with clear and impartial advice. In the best stewardship of a family office, we align ourselves fully with our clients’ best interests and address their needs, concerns and aspirations as family partners – not as external economic agents:

  • As trusted, technically proficient advisors, we espouse clients’ goals as our own and implement them expertly and efficiently, without conflicts of interest, hidden costs or tangential agendas;
  • As seasoned professionals, we offer and stand by our informed opinions, advise candidly and pragmatically on risk vs. return and cost vs. benefit, and remain wary of trends or hype; and
  • As inter-generational mentors, we proffer diversity of thought across different life stages and risk tolerances, intertwined with succession planning, family governance, and financial education.